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Vermin Fast Facts

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Rats, Mice and Bats  Problem

Vermin include rats, mice and bats.

There are three major types of rats in Australia and most countries of the world – the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat and the House Mouse. These rodents tend to come indoors more as the climate gets colder. Thus, rats often live with and near humans.

They usually look for their food at night; using their whiskers to feel their way in darkness. Their vision is very poor, but their senses of smell and taste are very highly developed.

It is pretty obvious if you have rats in your home. Rats tend to deposit their droppings all over the surface that they travel. Shinny, dark dropping usually indicates recent activity. Besides this, they have almost continual urination, which makes it pretty obvious of where they have travelled. You can also hear rats at night, bumping, gnawing, clawing, and sometimes fighting.

Rats have teeth that are continually growing, which causes them to gnaw at things to keep their teeth short. This can get very dangerous because it can cause fires at your home with them gnawing at power lines. Another major problem with rats is that they contaminate food by their urine and faeces. This can seriously harm humans, because rats often carry different diseases, e.g. Salmonella.

Mice can also be very harmful pests as they damage and eat our harvest and spread diseases through their parasites and droppings.

Helpful Tips to Keep Rats and Mice Away

But there are measures that help you to keep rats and mice out of your home.

  • You should not keep wood near your home, and if you have a garden, you should keep it as far away from your home as possible.
  • Do not keep your pet food lying around, you should keep it in a tightly closed container.
  • Also, the good old cat will scare these rodents away!

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