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Top 5 Signs You Need Termite Treatment in the Hills District

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It’s a warm summer evening and you’re relaxing on the back patio when suddenly you notice a swarm of tiny winged insects emerging from cracks in the house foundation. That’s when it hits you – these aren’t regular insects, they’re termites!

While termite swarms can be a shocking sight, they are unfortunately quite common in the Hills District. Our hot, humid climate provides the perfect breeding ground for these destructive pests.

Termites cause more than $100 million in property damages in the Sydney region each year. Don’t let your Hills District home become another statistic! If you suspect termite activity, immediate action is required.

Today we’ll cover the top 5 signs indicating you need termite treatment and control in your Hills District property. Being able to recognize these termite warning signs is crucial to protecting your home.

Warning Sign #1: Swarming Termites

Seeing swarms of winged termites emerging inside or around your home is a sure sign of an active infestation. Termite swarms occur when a mature termite colony reproduces. The winged termites leave the nest to find mates and new nesting locations.

Swarming events often take place in spring or summer after rainfall. The most common termite species in the Hills District – Coptotermes acinaciformis – are prolific swarmers. If you spot these winged insects flying around your home, act immediately.

Warning Sign #2: Mud Tubes

One of the most common signs of subterranean termites are mud tubes constructed along the foundations of homes and other structures. Worker termites build these narrow tunnels out of mud, feces, and chewed wood pulp.

Mud tubes provide termites with a protected highway to travel between their underground nest and the food source. Tubes are typically found where termites gain entry – along exterior walls, foundations, and around plumbing penetrations.

Inspect the exterior of your home for thin brown tubes, especially after rain. Mud tubes confirm active termites so monitoring and removal is required.

Warning Sign #3: Hollow Sounding Wood

The hidden damage termites cause as they hollow out wood from the inside can be detected by tapping on surfaces and listening for a dull, hollow sound. This is most common with infested wood framing but can also occur with wood trim, flooring, furniture and more.

Use the handle of a screwdriver to tap along exterior door and window frames, baseboards, hardwood flooring, deck planks, fence posts, and any exposed wood elements. Take note of areas that sound different than solid wood. Further inspection and termite treatment will be required.

Warning Sign #4: Sagging Floors or Ceilings

If you’ve noticed any sagging in your floors or ceilings, termites may be feasting on the structural wood framing. Termites damage wood from the inside out, eating along the grains. This severely compromises strength which can cause visible sagging.

Floor sagging often occurs because termites have infested the floor joists and destabilized the structure. Ceiling drywall also sags when termites damage the ceiling joists. These issues need immediate structural inspection along with termite treatment. Don’t delay on this warning sign!

Warning Sign #5: Damaged Wood Material

Close inspection inside and outside your home may reveal additional signs like warped wood, tiny holes, crumbling drywall, or bits of frayed wood. This visible damage occurs when termites have been feasting undetected over time.

Some examples include wood trim riddled with tiny holes, exterior siding or fence slats with areas chewed away, and cracks in drywall seams. Look closely at all wood elements inside and out for any signs of degradation. Where you find damage, termite activity won’t be far behind.

Protect Your Hills District Home from Termites

If any of these termite warning signs sound familiar, please call Bryce Pest Control immediately for a thorough termite inspection. Our licensed pros will check all termite access points.

We’ll provide a full report on the scope of your termite problem and a treatment plan tailored to eradicate termites and prevent future infestations. Our customized Hill District termite control solutions include non-toxic termite baiting systems, targeted liquid treatments, foam barriers, and more.

Don’t live in fear of these home-wrecking pests. Call Bryce Pest Control at 0412 266 129 to schedule your termite inspection and protection plan today! Act now before termites do further damage.

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