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spider pest control hills district

Spiders Fast Facts

Australia is well known for its over 2000 different types of species of spiders. Most of there species come from the eastern and southern regions

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bryce pest control termite inspections and control

Termite Control FAQ

Q: Can I treat the house myself? A: Ridding a home of termites requires special skills. A knowledge of building construction is needed to identify

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vermin pest control mice on kitchen bench

Vermin Fast Facts

Rats, Mice and Bats  Problem Vermin include rats, mice and bats. There are three major types of rats in Australia and most countries of the

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termites in wood retaining wall - pest control with spray

Termites Fast Facts

10 Species Pose a Threat to Your Home While there are over 350 different types of termites in Australia, it should be of some comfort

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fire ants pest control

Fire Ants Fast Facts

Fire Ants – an Ecological Threat to Australia Australia has become home to two species of fire ants – the tropical fire ant, Solenopsis germinate,

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mynah birds pest control bryce pest control

Birds Fast Facts

Birds Considered a Problem Most of the birds in Australia are very beautiful to watch, although some may cause you trouble. The starling is one

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