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Birds Fast Facts

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Birds Considered a Problem

Most of the birds in Australia are very beautiful to watch, although some may cause you trouble.

The starling is one bird that has been know to cause problems. The bird has an unmusical collection of whistles, scratching notes, and many other unpleasant bird calls. These birds are seen searching for seed and insects on lawns. Their types of food include spiders, worms, human scraps, and fruit crops. Unfortunately, these birds feed on the ground, and mostly in large flocks.

The Pigeon, Indian Mynah, and house sparrow have been known to live in attics of houses, or any type of building, and are also known for eating our food. Their adaptation to our communities has become a major nuisance to us in our communities and poise as a serious health risk. They can cause defacement of building’s and houses, and can also cause a chance of disease from their droppings. Their nests can also clog up pipes and vents. These nest can also be very flammable due to them being made of straw, twigs, and dried droppings.

Tips to Keep Problem Birds Away

Here are a few tips that can help if you have a bird problem:

  • Never feed them. This will only cause the birds to come back for more, which will cause more and more of them to flock towards you home.
  • Install plastic or stainless steel spikes on the ledges of their roosting areas. You may also put spring wire barriers and bird netting to exclude pigeons from these particular areas.
  • To keep birds out of your gardens, you can try a scare crow. It can also be fun for the children to make!

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